"The Dynamic Duo of The Israel Hour"

Mairov Dubrovsky and Josh Shron have hosted The Israel Hour together since they were Rutgers University students in 1994 - despite objections from their therapists.

Since then, they have become international radio superstars...turning down offers to work at larger radio stations, rubbing elbows with folks like Howard Stern and Ryan Seacrest and commanding unprecedented salaries. Since WRSU remains unwilling to pay them, however, they continue to host The Israel Hour on a volunteer basis.

Okay, so the fame and fortune haven't truly hit yet. But Mairov and Josh are well known as the driving forces behind the success of The Israel Hour. Over the past 21 years, they have become the official voices for Israeli music in America.

In addition to hosting The Israel Hour, Mairov and Josh hosted an Internet-only Israeli music show on from 1998-2000. They have also served as hosts of numerous New Jersey concerts and events and have been profiled in the New Jersey Jewish News and in Central New Jersey's The Jewish State.

Josh Shron has always had a passion for radio. But in 1994, he knew nothing about Israeli he had some reservations about donning the "Israel Hour" headphones when presented with the opportunity.

Within a few short months, however, he was hooked on Israeli music. He now has the unique opportunity to share his passion with thousands of radio listeners each week.

In "real life," Josh is the founder and president of Stampless Marketing, a full service email marketing agency. Josh also conducts popular Internet marketing seminars throughout the USA.

As the mother of 4 young children (Simcha, 15; Vardit, 13; Sela, 10; AJ, 8; and Tobey, 3), Mairov Dubrovsky doesn't spend as much time in the WRSU studios as she'd like. But Mairov's unique perspectives on music, Israel, and, well...Mashina, always help keep The Israel Hour fun and upbeat whenever she cracks open the microphone.

Realtor by day (for Leora Dubrovsky Realty Group), mother by night - Mairov is most proud of having been called "maksimah" (excellent) by the late Ofra Haza during a phone interview in 1996.

"Secretly" married in December 1997, Mairov and Josh currently live in Central New Jersey with their five children, most of whom have made on-air appearances.

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